Our new masterpiece has streamlined and timeless design on the outside, but its interior workings are even more opulent. A total of 52 individually controllable watch winders enclose the GrandCircle’s heart: a limited, handmade Naeschke pendulum clock with compensated one-second pendulum and power reserve mechanism, rhodanized manufactured clockwork, six ruby bearings, and an escapement equipped with ruby pallets. In addition to the hour and minute, it indicates the subsidiary second, date, phase of the moon, and day of the week, and has an unusual running duration of four weeks after one winding.



Timeless, powerful, monumental: with the new GrandCircle, redefines luxury. More than two meters high and made from the finest materials, the GrandCircle fulfills even the most challenging demands of a highly select clientele. For the base of the GrandCircle is designed with only one goal in mind: ultimate luxury that meets the most demanding requirements. The Elac MicroSUB 2010 has been integrated, the world’s smallest hi-fi subwoofer with four amplifiers for the bass drivers and connected loudspeaker. Naturally, the sound system is controllable via iPhone or iPod.


The GrandCircle accommodates a VDS Class 2 high-security safe with certified fire protection, eight further watch winders and jewelry drawers, an air-humidified humidor made of Spanish cedar wood, and an exclusively implemented minibar.


  • High-gloss lacquered wood varieties
  • The finest stingray tail skin
  • Alcantara
  • Rhodium-plated metal components
  • Minibar
  • Integrated high quality ELAC speakers
  • 52 individually controllable watch winders


  • GrandCircle
  • 214,500 + VAT
    • Limited to a single series of 20 hand-numbered and signed pieces