Boiling, Sparkling, Chilled and Hot and Cold thermostatically controlled RODI pure water delivered using innovative touch screen technology. Cyelcor smart tap is the only tap you’ll ever need. Convenient and amazingly useful, its unparalleled function and design is the talking point of your kitchen. You’ll love the taste of pure water. Designed and manufactured in Great Britain.


Prepare a perfect infusion with the instant boiling function of Cyelcor Smart Tap. Flavours steep instantly whilst colour is perfectly retained with a clarity unfound in any other water. Pure H2O protects the virtues of the ingredients delivering the purest taste possible. Try with mint fresh from the garden.­­­­ Everyday uses include, tea, coffee, pasta, blanching, sterilising, baby formula, pre-heating, poaching, vegetable preparation, steaming.


Nothing is more refreshing on a warm summer’s day than beautifully chilled filtered or pure RODI water. Serve in a glass jug with slices of citrus fruit and mint for the ideal accompaniment to your al fresco dining. Add a small splash of your favourite cordial for a subtly flavoured alternative. Pastry, bread or pizza dough mixes benefit from the chilled factor. Use straight from the tap to rinse fruit and vegetables prior to preparation to thoroughly remove any residues. Prepare salads and give them a final toss in chilled water to refresh prior to serving.


Never has sparkling water tasted so good. Endless combinations await you and your family. As an alternative to sugar based fizzy drinks let your children create their own favourite using diced fruit and sparkling water. Blend fruit until smooth, add the same amount of sparkling water and mix for a couple of seconds for an effervescent smoothie. Or why not try a sparkling elderflower jelly by setting your favourite berries or fruit in a jelly made with elderberry cordial and sparkling water.


Cyelcor smart tap saves water by dispensing mains tap water at the perfect pre-set temperature for rinsing and washing. Simply touch the lower left quadrant once. The temperature is thermostatically pre-set to 40ºC and can be adjusted to suit your preference, delivered in a controlled stream to prevent splashing. No more scalding your hands trying to set the temperature by mixing hot and cold water. A great way of saving water.


The first and only tap that delivers both tap water and pure water with boiling, chilled and sparkling options using unique touch screen technology. The sub-sink system offers a choice of built-in filtration modules for both thermostatically controlled hot and cold tap water.


The Cyelcor smart tap can be purchased alone as a Smart Touch Screen tap, an optional filtration system for boiling, chilled, sparkling or with the RODI purification system which delivers water purity and taste that is second to none and is in fact purer than every bottled water brand. The available purchase options are as follows:


Smart Tap combines function and design to bring you the ultimate in kitchen multi-function taps. With our modular approach you can build the system that suits you. The elegant and stylish tap unit with unique touch sensitive control panel is available in solid stainless steel with either a brushed or polished finish.


Hydrocell sub-sink compact system delivers boiling, chilled and sparkling water functions. Thermostatically controlled mains hot and cold as standard, Incorporates unique innovative kick space venting, Enhanced Performance and responsiveness, Easy to install and maintain with quick fit filters and CO2 cartridges, All Hydrocell units incorporate multimedia filters to reduce impurities found in mains fed water.


Upgrading to our patented RODI system delivers a water purity and taste that is second to none, in fact it is purer than every bottled water brand. Our systems can be installed under the sink alongside the Hydrocell or located remotely in a utility or plant room. Our systems can connect to other appliances such as steam ovens, ice makers and coffee machines. Scale has always posed a major problem for devices that use water. Whilst filtration can reduce the effects of scale, RODI is the only purifier that removes all impurities including scale.


RODI drinking water systems are the world’s most advanced purifiers – taking water back to its natural healthy state. This patented RODI process is by itself an excellent method for removal of impurities. It has the capacity to remove up to 70% of nitrates, 96% of lead, 98% of heavy metals, 98% of chemicals, 100% disease causing micro-organisms, pathogens and viruses if controlled by an intelligent system. Our unique process couples RO to DI with intelligent controls, achieving 99.99% purity across the spectrum of impurities, both naturally occurring and man-made. Better still, you’ll love the taste and will be able to prepare food and cook knowing that there are absolutely no contaminants.


The four stage Reverse Osmosis and De-Ionisation process is as follows:


The Carb12 pre-filter removes chlorine and other organic impurities and serves to protect Stage Two, the Reverse Osmosis membrane, from damage. GAC is an excellent media for the absorption of chemicals found in raw tap water but has little or no effect on dissolved solids, micro-organisms, heavy metals, pathogens and viruses. Jug filters and filter taps use small quantities of GAC as the primary process to improve the taste of tap water. GAC is an effective filtration media rather than a purification process.


With the chlorine removed, the raw tap water passes into the Reverse Osmosis module. Our own patented thin film composite (TFC) membrane is the only RO with US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certification meaning this is the only RO system certified suitable for the removal of micro-organisms from water. At 0.0001 microns it is capable of removing 100% of disease causing micro-organisms and up to 98% of inorganics and 70% of nitrates. Our patented flushing mechanism removes scale and biofilm extending membrane life to up to ten years.


Another unique and essential feature of our patented system is the de-ionisation module. The impurities that breach RO can only be removed by DI. This stage is an ion exchange process removing heavy metals, nitrates, gases, volatile organic chemicals and oestrogens, replacing them with hydroxide (OH) or hydrogen (H), better known to us as H2O. The result is PureH2O, the purest water available.


The final stage, a post-filter ‘polishing’ process, ensures any residual gases are removed producing a great taste.


  • 4499 excludes installation
  • Thermostatically controlled
    hamilton dating Hot mains water
    enter Cold mains water
    go Filtered boiling
    here Filtered chilled

    *Optional RODI Water Purification Upgrade

  • 3999 excludes installation
  • Thermostatically controlled
    Hot mains water
    Cold mains water
    Filtered boiling
    Filtered ambient

    *Optional RODI Water Purification Upgrade