Enjoy a crystal clear swimming pool 24/7 throughout the whole year utilising our award winning smart automation pool systems, designed and manufactured in the US, which intuitively keep the chemical balance in your swimming pool at the highest water quality levels found worldwide.

Furthermore you can optimize your environment adjusting the height of the pool floor to create your very own multipurpose pool that matches your needs and expands your possibilities. Dream it—then live it! Whether your goal is practicality, an intense workout, or something in between, our automated pool systems open the door to an exciting new world of aquatic activities.


The Cyelcor automation system maintains your swimming pool at the highest water quality control level based on WHO Guidelines, located in residences, hotels and commercial building around the world, such as Atlantis The Palm Dubai, Interorient Building offices and esteemed clientele residential swimming pools.


The movable floor lets you control water depth and enhance safety for your children or guests. When raised to the floor or patio position, your Cyelcor automation system prevents anyone from accessing the pool when it’s unsupervised or not in use.


The Cyelcor automation system maintains your swimming pool at the highest water quality control level found around the world, located in residences, hotels and commercial building around the world, such as Atlantis The Palm Dubai, Interorient Building offices and esteemed clientele residential swimming pools.


Our automated water control systems provide a 30% saving on chemicals necessary to maintain your pool at the optimal chemical levels compared to a hand treated pool. Furthermore In the raised position, your swimming pool heat and water loss through evaporation is minimised thus limiting the amount of water you have to add. This is turn reduces demands on your pool’s filtration system, heat pump, as well keeping leaves and dirt away from your pool.


The Cyelcor automation system eliminates the need of a pool attendant as all processes are automated in maintaining your pool at higher water quality levels than those capable of human ``manual`` calibration. Furthermore the raised swimming pool floors minimise the necessary maintenance by reducing dust contamination and protecting your pool against external factors.


Your Cyelcor Smart Home is tailored to your lifestyle. With just a flick of a switch when you’re at home, or a swipe of your phone when you’re not, you can raise your swimming pool floor or check the temperature, pH or ORP before your swim. Control your pool easily via smartphone or tablet, anywhere, anytime with our new and improved apps for iOS and Android devices or with your laptop or desktop PC.


Space is a luxury—and Cyelcor technology brings it home to you. With a movable pool floor, you can reconfigure your home environment exactly as you please, transforming your pool into additional patio or floor space and back again in just minutes! Dare to turn your dreams into reality today.Our innovative movable floor solution is a great way to create a multipurpose pool and living space ideally suited to modern living. What’s more, the mobile floor accommodates a wide range of architectural finishes to perfectly match your indoor or outdoor environment.



Maintain your swimming pool at the necessary PH and ORP levels automatically, making the addition of chemicals by hand unnecessary. Furthermore the automation of chemical addition process creates a saving of 30% yearly on chemicals.

Most importantly automation of the chemical swimming pool addition, eliminates the disadvantages of hand dosing which are the following:

  1. Eliminates toxins to be absorbed through skin.
  2. Eliminates irritate skin and trigger rashes, including eczema.
  3. No more burning, itchy eyes.
  4. Eliminates the possibility of triggering or aggravating a variety of bronchial problems, including asthma.
  5. Eliminates the possible association between high hand dosing chlorine exposure and certain types of cancer.
  6. Eliminates the bleaching effect on clothing and hair.


With the Cyelcor raised swimming pool floors, secure access control, a touch of a button is all it takes to transform your pool into a patio, and back into a pool, depending on your user presets—all in a matter of minutes.Easy-to-configure and suitable for any pool geometry and requires up to 50% less vertical space than competing solutions. It can be used in deep and shallow sections alike and requires no pool shell modifications, no waterproof recess for the motor, and no floor locking system.



Cyelcor raised floor automation system meets architectural plan requirements so your pool can be used as you wish. Our system accommodates pools up to 3 meters deep of any size and shape, regular or irregular, and with or without in-pool stairs. Floors may be finished in your choice of wood, ceramic, or hard stone. Utlising durable and robust superior-quality components with a proven track record to provide you with years of trouble-free service.


  • 250 mm diam. Locking lifting column
  • Immersible motor and controls (IP68)
  • 100% 316 L stainless steel components
  • Lift column travel: Up to 3 m
  • Adapts to pool shell floor slope of up to 7.5%
  • Speed: 0.2 – 0.3 m/min
  • Static capacity: 5,000 daN (5,098 kg)
  • Dynamic capacity: 1,500 daN (1,530 kg)


The Cyelcor automated dosing water controller is a fully programmable controller that features automatic control of water chemistry, water balance, water saturation and heater, all with full remote duplex capability. The user-friendly main screen display enables the operator to supervise all the process functions at a glance and to quickly respond to any changing condition.


  • ORP readout in millivolts with programmable oxidizer feed control
  • SANITIZER readout in ppm or mg/l with programmable sanitizer feed control
  • pH readout with programmable acid and base feed controls
  • Temperature readout in degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius with programmable heater control
  • Bypass line with in-line filter, flow meter, safety flow switch, two control valves and sampling valve
  • Sensor cleaning with programmable acid wash control
  • Remote alarm (hot or dry contacts)
  • RS-232 serial communication port
  • Rain and splatter proof NEMA Type 3R fiberglass cabinet (13×11″)

The following optional features can be embedded in your automated water quality control system:


  • Conductivity readout in microsiemens and TDS readout in ppm or mg/l with programmable dump valve control  
  • Programmable Feed Control for three (3) chemical additives
  • Electronic Water Level Sensor with automatic fill valve control
  • Flow Sensor with saddle clamp mount
  • Data/Voice/Communication Modem,
  • Remote computer software for DOS or Windows
  • Voice Telephone status reports
  • Remote Telephone Control of activator modes
  • Telephone Alarm Callouts to six(6) memory-stored numbers


  • 9,300 + VAT
    • Programmable Controller for automated swimming pool water quality control
    • PH, ORP and Temperature Sensor
    • Flow Meter
    • Flow Cell Assembly
    • Bypass Assembly
    • Remote Monitoring
  • 183,000 + VAT
    • Offering solutions that can fit for any pool shape, size and with depth of up to 4 m and construction control
    • Large Choice of finishes such as wood (Ipe), porcelain ceramic tiles, hard stone pavers or marine grade non-slip polymer cladding finish
    • Can be fitted with single or multiple custom design self-depositing in-pool stairs
    • designed with a static capacity (uniform, partial) starting from 50 kg/m2
    • Compliance to EN 13451-11 generally used for movable pool floors